What Sets Us Apart

Dedicated to Serving His Community With His Extensive Experience and Commitment to Innovation Through Both Art and Science

Dr. Omar Abdo at DaVinci Dental, Jupiter FL

Dr. Abdo is a skilled general dentist and a specialist in the field of Prosthodontics, which is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the replacement of missing teeth with artificial devices such as bridges, dentures and dental implants.  In his 20-plus year career, Dr. has acquired valuable clinical experience and furthered his knowledge with continuing education and teaching.  His training, experience and quest for excellence has provided him with a genuine and meticulous style which he uses to offer his patients a comfort level and understanding for what is going on in their mouths and which is the best course of action for them.

Soon after setting up his practice in Jupiter, Dr. discovered that he had become the “go-to guy” for patients suffering with difficult cases.  Many of his new patients had problems resulting from ill-conceived treatments in the past.  He realized that many of these patients were not properly informed of their choices and the resulting outcomes.  They were overwhelmed, frustrated and embarrassed of their situation.  Frequently, they were bounced around from one specialist to another, often with poor results. 

Dr. was not content with just fixing mistakes.  He began to concept an idea of a dental clinic that could potentially make it easier for his patients, a clinic that would practice general dentistry and offer specialist services under one roof.  It would be a wonderful opportunity to correct small problems before they became insurmountable and to properly educate patients so that they could make informed choices that they would be happy with and proud of. The aim of DaVinci Dental is to be that service to the community. While honing his skills in dental school, Dr. realized that art and science were not mutually exclusive.  Whereas Leonardo Da Vinci used science to further his art, Dr. used artistry to expand upon science knowing that art and science continually served each other, leading to further innovation.  Leonardo Da Vinci was the perfect inspiration.


Dr. hopes the community will make use of the service DaVinci Dental intends to provide and that there will be plenty more happy and smiling faces around Jupiter and the rest of Palm Beach County.  He hopes that his patients will finally stop ignoring those nagging problems in their mouths because NOW they no longer have to worry about finding a staff of professionals that they can trust.