Full Arch Replacement

Replacement Of All Teeth On The Upper Or Lower Jaw

If you are missing, or need to remove all teeth in one or both jaws, you now have an alternative to wearing a full removable denture; a Full-Arch Fixed Bridge on Dental Implants.  Before dental implants, patients missing all of their teeth had to settle for dentures that were affixed to their gums with adhesive.  However, they quickly discovered that dentures caused almost as many problems as they solved.  Due to the advances in implant dentistry, it is now possible to have a permanent, stable, natural looking smile by replacing your teeth with a full arch replacement via dental implants and a fixed bridge.

Drawbacks of removable dentures include:

  • Visible early aging due to bone loss around face & lips
  • Chewing difficulties which are sometimes painful
  • Slipping of dentures while eating, speaking or laughing (increasing self- consciousness)
  • Bad breath
  • Dentures break easily and often need to readjusted and/or replaced

Full-Arch Fixed Bridge on Dental Implants

This section outlines the general steps involved in receiving a fixed full arch bridge to replace a full set of teeth.  The treatment procedure and number of visits required for placing dental implants and installing a fixed bridge on them is largely dependent on your specific conditions. The number of implants necessary for a full-arch fixed bridge varies depending on your particular anatomy, the opposing teeth, the type of bridge you want to have placed and the number of teeth you want or need to replace with the prosthesis.

The first step of installing a fixed bridge is inserting the dental implants below the gum line into the jawbone to replace the roots of the lost teeth.  Temporary teeth are then attached enabling you to eat and function normally while waiting for the permanent fixed bridge to be installed.

Next, we allow time for healing and for the implants to completely fuse with the jawbone. You will then be fitted for a custom bridge that screws directly into the implants. The screw holes will be covered after insertion.

Once the fixed bridge is attached, your new replacement teeth will feel and act more like your natural teeth because they will be firmly supported by the jaw.  Additionally, bone loss or resorption is greatly diminished because the space left by the lost teeth is now filled with the dental implants.  You will be able chew, smile and laugh with the confidence that your new, natural looking teeth will remain in place and in your mouth!

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