Teeth in a Day

Immediate Dental Implants

Are you less than thrilled at the prospect of wearing a removable denture?  Do you want the long lasting results of dental implants without numerous visits to the dentist and months of healing?   Would you like to leave the dentist after one visit with fully functioning, natural looking teeth all while suffering very little discomfort and not being without teeth for months while you heal? 

DaVinci Dental now offers TEETH-IN-A-DAY™ , which is the immediate, functional-loading of titanium dental implants.  Permanent, fixed teeth are placed immediately at the time of extraction.  At no time would you be required to wear a removable denture.

Who is a good candidate for TEETH-IN-A-DAY™?

By age 50, the average American has lost 12 teeth (National Institute of Health statistic). People live with gaps, bridges , dentures , sunken faces, and an inability to chew food properly or to eat many of the foods they like. They can’t even smile without being ashamed. These problems compromise their quality of life on a daily basis.

Teeth-In-A-Day™ dramatically benefits patients with loose, missing, or decayed teeth, whether occurring naturally or from an accident.  Patients of all ages opt for this treatment for both oral health and cosmetic reasons.

What to expect on your first visit
  1. First comes the extraction of existing teeth along with any diseased or infected tissue.
  2. Next, we gently place the Titanium Dental Implants (the sub-structure of the prosthesis) within the bone.
  3. Before you leave, we will fit you with a temporary, non-removable, cosmetically appealing, fixed prosthesis (teeth)
  4. You leave with a fully functioning, naturally looking smile.

Your second and final visit

After your first visit, healing time is necessary for the implants to fuse to the natural bone.  After a few months, your temporary prosthesis will be replaced with a stronger, permanent one.  This waiting period is also an opportunity for you to request any changes in appearance (size, shape and color) of the teeth.

Whether you have failing teeth, removable appliances, fixed bridges, or if you need to replace a single-tooth, multiple teeth or even a full mouth of teeth, our dentists at DaVinci Dental can make you feel like a whole person again. Your smile will make you look like the person you remember seeing in the mirror or the person you always wanted to see.

Believe it or not, it is possible for you to walk into our office with missing teeth and leave with a completely new set of beautiful teeth. In one day. Believe It!


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If you live or work in Jupiter or the Palm Beach County area and are missing all your teeth or are currently dissatisfied with your dentures, then DaVinci Dental can help. 

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